Welcome to our collection of private health insurance guides; developed to help you navigate the world of private health care and policies. If you need any help - don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 0808 10 18 999 to discuss any questions you have in full.

Health insurance jargon glossary of terms

Health Insurance Glossary – We Decode the Jargon!

Searching for health insurance cover can be difficult – complicated terms and conditions mean many of us can misunderstand the cover we choose. To make the process easier, we’ve decoded the jargon to help demystify terms whilst you search.  As an independent broker, our priority is making sure you find the best health insurance cover, for the right price. We speak to you to find out what you’re...

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Child at hospital with doctor

A Guide to Buying Children’s Health Insurance

We’re extremely fortunate to have the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, but with population rates increasing, an upsurge in demand and lack of funds – long waiting times and less treatments are becoming available to the public. It’s for this reason that you may wish to choose private health care for your child – there’s no wrong or right answer when it comes to the question of ‘does my...

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Doctor and nurse in busy hospital

Health Insurance for Small Businesses – is it worth it?

The right employee health insurance scheme can be one of the most effective ways of retaining and attracting the best talent to your small business. Many SMEs worry about the cost of providing benefits like health insurance, but in today’s competitive job market the cost of replacing team members can be far higher than providing a well-rounded employee benefits package. Here at The Health...

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Happy senior couple

A Guide to Health Insurance for Older People / Over 50’s

Whatever someone’s age and whatever pre-existing medical conditions they may have, we believe that it’s everyone’s right to find the right health care, at the right price, should they want to. Through our own industry experience and via researching the current market, we’ve identified a few main questions which seem to arise most for older people looking for health insurance – and to help, we’ve...

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nurse at desk

A Guide to Switching Healthcare Providers

In the UK, the majority of people who take out health insurance plans often wonder about switching healthcare providers, with unanswered questions in mind, such as ‘can I get a better deal elsewhere?’ Everyone has the option to go to another health care provider; there are however many factors to look out for when doing so. It’s important to be completely up to date on the topic before going...

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Employee working at desk

A Guide to Company Perks & Employee Health Insurance

A recent study showed that if every employee in the UK was just 1% happier, the economy could see a boost of an extra £24 billion! It may sound frivolous, but happy employees should be a priority for businesses – especially as recruitment costs rise and the employment market becomes more and more competitive. Employee benefits packages can be essential to keeping employees happy and secure. A...

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