A Guide to Health Insurance for Older People / Over 50’s

Whatever someone’s age and whatever pre-existing medical conditions they may have, we believe that it’s everyone’s right to find the right health care, at the right price, should they want to. Through our own industry experience and via researching the current market, we’ve identified a few main questions which seem to arise most for older people looking for health insurance – and to help, we’ve created a guide in answer to these queries…

Why private medical insurance?

Here in the UK, we are proud of the National Health Service (NHS).  However, in recent years factors like an ageing population and lack of funding have resulted in longer waiting times, lack of choice and limited treatments. This strain on the NHS means that many people are searching to find private health care that’s suited to their health needs, at a price that’s affordable.

Having health care cover entitles you to shorter waiting times (if any at all), top-quality hospital facilities, specialist drugs & treatments and most importantly – the ability to choose. With many private policies, you can specially select your GP and your treatment hospital. You’re in control when it comes to your health.

Why do older people find it difficult sourcing the right cover?

As well as health insurance protecting you when it comes to your health, there are also businesses who require profit. It seems like the majority of providers today stand by the reasoning of a 35 year old with no health issues is less likely to make a claim than someone in their 60’s – even if they’re in good health. It’s for this reason that it has become more challenging for older people to discover health insurance cover that’s not extortionately priced – but don’t fret, although challenging, there are still many insurers that provide policies for older people that are reasonably priced and tailored to individuals health requirements.

Can I get cover with a pre-existing condition?

In some cases, yes! A pre-existing condition is classed as an injury or illness that existed before you took out a health insurance policy. Although immediate cover isn’t always guaranteed, there are forms of underwriting available that will cover you for a pre-existing condition once you have gone two years of being sign, symptom and treatment free from the start date of the policy. If you already have health insurance and are looking to change providers; an intermediary can arrange for your medical history to be transferred from one insurer to another, with no loss of medical history. At THIS, we have special relationships with leading UK providers, enabling us to search the whole market and find you the ideal coverage. Simply get in contact with us today to learn more about how we can help you on your health insurance journey.

How do I keep my premiums affordable?

  • Keeping yourself as healthy as possible is key to limiting your chances of falling ill from certain diseases, better yet – many healthcare providers offer rewards or discounts for your healthy and active lifestyle.
  • When shopping for the right health insurance policy, ensure that you read the small print of all pages so that you’re fully informed of payment details and policy information. Taking this extra care and avoiding adding on extras (unless required) can save you a substantial amount on your policy premiums.
  • Every year when you receive your renewal, take part in our free market review. Providing your current insurer with market feedback can help negotiate any discounts you are eligible for and often boost your cover.

Let us find you the right healthcare

The Health Insurance Specialists has worked hard to create an experienced and highly-trained team that will hand pick only the best policies that we have total trust in. As a company, we pride ourselves on offering the widest choice of policies in the market at an unbeaten price. Simply fill in our online form and we’ll explore the whole marketplace for you, providing you with a range of no-obligation quotes to choose from. Alternatively, give our friendly team a call on 0808 10 18 999. 

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