Health Insurance for Small Businesses – is it worth it?

The right employee health insurance scheme can be one of the most effective ways of retaining and attracting the best talent to your small business. Many SMEs worry about the cost of providing benefits like health insurance, but in today’s competitive job market the cost of replacing team members can be far higher than providing a well-rounded employee benefits package.

Here at The Health Insurance Specialists, we are experts when it comes to helping businesses of every size find health insurance cover which is affordable and easy to understand. We work with you to better understand your team, its needs and what you want to cover as an employer.

“45% of people in the UK desire private healthcare, as an employee perk” - LondonLovesBusiness

Beyond Recruitment

Health insurance and employee benefits packages are about much more than just recruitment and reducing staff turnover – they can also help you show your team that you are invested in their well-being and their life outside of the office. By investing in their health, you’re showing that you want to ensure they are covered above and beyond the care we are entitled to (here in the UK) via the NHS.

The UK economy loses approximately £77.5 billion a year to sick days – a figure which shows the negative impact of not having a healthy workforce! In the UK – we’re lucky enough to have the NHS, but growing population pressures and a lack of funding mean that many of us now face long waiting times when it comes to seeing a GP, seeing consultants and gaining treatments.

With private health insurance, your employees will have more choice when it comes to seeking diagnosis and treatments – saving you time and money in the long run. The flexibility of private healthcare means those with cover can often choose when and where they are treated or seen – making it much easier to fit in appointments around a work schedule.

The Benefits of Health Insurance

Private healthcare entitles employees to fast track access to diagnosis and treatment via private surgeries and facilities.

Not only will employees avoid NHS waiting times; access to specialist drugs and treatments is another perk of private medical care – some specialist medicines/treatments are not available via the NHS due to expense/not being approved by the National Institute for Health.

Bupa Health

Bupa is one of the UK’s more recognised health insurance brands - their SME health insurance scheme (2 – 249 employees) provides a range of healthcare benefits – including the choice of adding cancer cover, if required.

Bupa’s streamlined process means employees with cover can gain access to diagnosis in days – a time saving benefit which can’t be ignored!


Vitality health offer SME PMI packages that make it easier for employees to get access to high quality care – that’s reasonable and rewarding. With Vitality, small business owners are able to cut the costs of their health insurance premiums once their employees get healthier.

Not only this; the reward system in place means that once employees get healthier & premiums get cheaper – employees are rewarded for their work. Rewards include the likes of free cinema tickets and discounted gym membership.

“A healthy workplace is a happier, more productive one” - Vitality


AXA offer SME health insurance policies – for companies who have one – 249 employees. When taking out a business health insurance plan with AXA, SME owners can expect a personalised plan to meet business needs, fast track doctor appointments, 24/7 employee health support and immediate advice via the ‘Health at Hand’ phone service.


For companies with 2 – 99 employees, taking an SME health insurance policy out with AVIVA allows members of the team access to fast track treatment and necessary care. In addition to offering the basic SME insurance package, AVIVA also have international health insurance for employees, group protection and health of the workplace report packages available.

How We Can Help

Finding small businesses the right health insurance package – that also sits within the desired price bracket, is what we do best. Here at the Health Insurance Specialists, we’re experts when it comes to employee health insurance. Our expert team is 100% independent and has the knowledge to help find you the right small business health insurance, for the best price – guaranteed! We know finding the right package confusing and time consuming – that’s why we’re here to do the searching for you.

Simply fill in our  online form  and we’ll search for you, providing you with a range of no-obligation quotes to choose from. Alternatively, give our friendly team a call on 0808 10 18 999. 

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