A Guide to Buying Health Insurance

When looking at private health insurance one size doesn’t always fit all, so here at The Health Insurance Specialists when we compare the market for you we will only be recommending the insurers and policies that we have total trust in. This means no hidden exclusions, only the fastest access to pioneering treatment at a leading facility of your choice and the best level of cover at an unbeaten price. You can also take advantage of the exclusive discounts and policies we have built up with the insurers, making sure that your health care policy is exclusively tailored to your individual, family or business needs.

What you can expect with private health insurance

It’s important to know how private health care can benefit you so we’ve outlined what you can expect when you take out a health care plan through The Health Insurance Specialists. Firstly, private health care is not a replacement for emergency treatment, so if you’re feeling poorly or injured visit your GP who will, if needed refer you to a specialist. Once referred you start what’s called outpatient diagnosis – where you avoid all NHS waiting lists and swiftly meet with your personal, private consultant who will arrange the scans and investigations needed to determine your diagnosis and treatment plan. If you need an operation, you’ll be fast tracked to a leading hospital of your choice where you begin the in-patient treatment stage. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by an outstanding team of surgeons and nurses, a private, hotel standard room and a delicious meal plan tailored to your recovery all within the safety of a hospital that has a pristine record for cleanliness - reducing the risk of super bugs. This is all followed up with a first class, post-operative service with your personal consultant who will continue to monitor your recovery until you are fully back up and running.

Where we step in...

Our team of health insurance specialists have over 30 years of experience in the provision of health insurance to individuals, families and businesses. Together, we continue to write over £15,000,000 of individual premiums annually and work closely with the insurers to guarantee exclusive promotions and discounts to all our clients. Most importantly the advice we give to you is unbiased, transparent and honest so there will be no favouritism when it comes to selecting the best policy for you.

Our team of specialists are trained to guide you through each aspect of your policy so that you have a clear plan of how your policy will work for you.  Of course, health insurance is something we hope you will never have to use but rather serves as peace of mind. If you do need to claim, we are happy to guide you through the process and step in with the insurer when needed.  

Ahead of your renewal each year, we will continue to monitor your policy and check that you still have the best level of cover for the most affordable policy. Did we mention we have great relationships with the insurers? This comes in handy if we think your policy could be lowered in price or bettered for you – something that we continue to do, free of charge for all our client’s year on year. All we would need to know is how your medical history may have changed in the year – then let the negotiations commence!

Already have health insurance?

We’re a friendly team, so if you already have health insurance we would be happy to look and compare your policy to the current market, making sure that you are not paying more than what you should be and checking that you have the best level of cover available for that price. We will happily call out any hidden terms and be crystal clear with our delivery so that there are no bumps along the way, just smooth sailing.

Why use The Health Insurance Specialists when you could go direct?

  • Our advice is independent, honest & tailored
  • We provide 100% free, no-obligation quotes
  • We review your policies annually, helping you save money if possible
  • We offer mediation with the insurer should you need it
  • Keep track of the news? You’ll have seen that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have ruled that every year, insurers must encourage their client base to review the market to ensure they have the most cost effective policy available. Well, with a competitive market that’s ever changing – we do that for you!

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