The 2018 Health Insurance Buying Guide

Choosing the right health insurance is one of the most important decisions an individual or family can make – but with the hundreds of cover options available, how do you pick what’s right for your health?

Here at the Health Insurance Specialists, our mission is to help you find the best cover, for the right price. To help you this year, we’ve put together a 2018 health insurance buying guide. Our expert team have highlighted some of the main providers in the UK and picked out some of their main benefits, so you can make the choice most suited to your needs.

Our team is always on hand to provide free, independent advice whenever you need it. We know jargon and small print can make purchasing health insurance difficult, so don’t hesitate to contact us for no-obligation advice and quotes.

Health Insurance for Individuals

Health insurance is one of the most important investments you can make for your health and well-being. In the UK, we’re lucky enough to have the NHS – this provides us with free access to healthcare services. In recent years, the NHS has seen an increase in demand and for many of us this has resulted in longer waiting times for diagnosis, treatment and surgery. With the right health insurance – you can bypass NHS waiting lists, receiving treatment when you need it. Health insurance can be used in combination with NHS services, so with the right cover – you can benefit from both private and public treatment, choosing what suits you when the time comes.

Vitality Health Insurance

Vitality Health is one of the UK’s most popular providers. Vitality Health focuses on making it easy for their policy holders to seek fast access to high quality care. In addition to this, they are well known for providing rewards and benefits to policy holders who stay health and active.

Vitality health is the perfect option if you’re a keen gym goer or someone who makes extra effort to stay healthy. In 2018, Vitality Health are offering a 50% discount on certain gym memberships, a digital GP service which can be accessed via your mobile device and a points reward system you can sync with popular tracking devices such as iWatches or FitBits.

If you’d like to discuss if a Vitality Health insurance policy is right for you, call our team or visit our website – we can search all their policies to find you the best cover, for the right price.

Bupa Health Insurance

Bupa is another popular UK health insurance provider, with their purpose being to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives. They currently have 16.5m health insurance customers and provide healthcare for 10.6m people in their clinics and hospitals. Bupa are renowned for their around-the-clock advice/support and offering policy holders’ access to breakthrough cancer drugs and treatment.

When taking out an individual health insurance policy with Bupa, you’re able to choose from the following types of cover;

  ‘Comprehensive’ cover allows you to access to private diagnosis, treatment and aftercare for all of your eligible medical needs. This policy type is an adaptable package – offering two levels of cancer cover or the option to exclude cancer cover entirely.

  The ‘treatment and care’ option is ideal if you’re happy to be diagnosed by the NHS, but would like to receive your treatment privately. Alike the comprehensive cover, with treatment and care you’ll be able to opt in or out of cancer cover.

Please get in contact with member of our friendly team on 0808 10 18 999 to receive no obligation advice and quotes for Bupa healthcare.

AXA PPP Healthcare

AXA has been around since 1940 – they’ve built themselves a solid reputation for helping their members’ access expert healthcare for the entire 75years. Should you choose to purchase your policy with AXA, you’ll be entitled to prescriptions delivered to your door, specialist referrals, a 24/7 doctor and easy to book online appointments - from anywhere.

In addition to this, AXA, much like Vitality Health, encourage their customers to be healthy and reward them for doing so - they’ve teamed up with ‘PureGym’ to offer their members 50% off the annual membership price.

Please contact us if you’d like more information in regards to an AXA health insurance plan – we’re able to search the entirety of their policies so that we can match you with the most suitable cover for your needs.

Health Insurance for Families

Looking for health insurance cover for your whole family is something that you want to take your time on, without rushing – it’s extremely important that each member of your families’ heath requirements are taken into consideration when searching. For this reason, it can prove to be difficult and somewhat confusing - let us do the hard work for you, we’re able to compare policies across the entire market, from a range of the best providers, in order to find you and your family the perfect match. Here’s what a few of our providers offer families;

Bupa Health Insurance

Families are highly valued at Bupa – they offer family health insurance you can trust, with 24/7 advice and support via their ‘Anytime HealthLine’. In addition to their caring ethos, they’re offering 10% off a family insurance policy, which can save you a lot when compared to buying individual policies for each member of your family.

Bupa are proud to provide their family members with fast access to treatments, specialist support and rewards. The rewards on offer include updated customer discounts from some of the most well-known names in the health and well-being industry, in order to keep your family happy as well as healthy.

What makes Bupa even more popular amongst families in the UK is their ‘cancer promise’ – this agreement means that you can be rest assured should you or your family ever be diagnosed with cancer. Bupa promises to support you and your family through every stage of the treatment for as long as you hold the health insurance cover.

Aviva Health Insurance

Founded in the year 2000, Aviva are popular amongst the other big health insurance names due to the support and benefits they offer.  Aviva’s private health insurance, Healthier Solutions, offers a nationwide network of hospitals and allows families to choose when and where treatment takes place.

Dedicated cancer support, specialist care/treatment, 24 hour access to a GP and 20+ years health insurance experience are just a few of the reasons why you may want to pick Aviva to provide health cover for your family.  

In addition to this, Aviva offer families discount when choosing them for health insurance cover - add more than one child under the age of 19 and you’ll only pay for the eldest.

If you’d like to know more about Aviva and discover if they’re the right provider for you and your family, contact us today for no obligation advice and information.

AXA PPP Healthcare

AXA has been looking after families with healthcare plans since 1940 – they were the first insured to offer private healthcare to the whole family, which makes them extremely experienced and reliable in the health insurance field.

Families who opt for AXA Healthcare cover can expect 24/7 service from nurses and counsellors over the phone, access to fast-track appointments, free new-born cover, dedicated cancer support and access to the enhanced ‘family and children’s cover’ – which provides diagnosis and treatment for all members of the family.

Over 65

With it being more likely that older people will have pre-existing medical conditions, it can mean that health insurance coverage can be more expensive and can be more difficult to find in general. Don’t fret – we’re here to help you find the best cover, for the best price. Here at THIS, we know that there’s a health insurance policy out there for everyone, and we’re here to match you with a health insurance plan that, whether or not you have pre-existing medical conditions, meets all of your health requirements.

Please contact our friendly team on 0808 10 18 999 to speak about your requirements, we’re able to offer no obligation and free health insurance advice/quotes.


A child’s health matters more than anything to a parent – this is why it’s imperative, when searching for a health insurance plan, to make sure the cover is tailored specifically to your child’s healthcare needs.


AXA understand that when a child needs treatment, parents want to be by their side every step of the way. It’s for this reason that one of the benefits they offer is for children under 16 and should it ever be necessary, AXA will cover the costs of one parent staying at the hospital for the duration of the stay.


Bupa offers the same policy benefits to children as they do to adults, you’ll be entitled to around-the-clock advice/support, fast-track appointments and the ‘cancer promise’ for your child. They strongly believe that when your child’s ill, nothing’s more important than getting the right advice, it’s for this reason that they provide an ‘open to everyone’ area on their website and over the phone – you don’t need to be a Bupa member to access a range of health and well-being services.

If you’d like to discuss health insurance options for your child in more depth, please get in contact with us – we’ll find you the best cover, at the most affordable price.


Business health insurance is an overly attractive employee benefit and can help retain talent, as well as attracting new employees to your company. Offering employees private health insurance cover can be seen as a ‘caring’ act by new starters; it shows that the company is interested and committed to the individual and their health. Competition is fierce in today’s market – especially if your business requires candidates with specialist skills or qualifications. Stand out from the rest.


Bupa offer a variety of healthcare cover options which aim to suit different budgets, as well as the demands of various types of businesses. They specialise in offering immediate healthcare solutions for small businesses and promote this via their ‘Bupa Boost’ programme, which gives you extended information about why you may want to purchase a health insurance policy for your business and the healthcare, as well as the workplace wellbeing benefits you can gain from this.


Vitality stand by their motto ‘A healthy workplace is a happier, more productive one’, it’s for this reason that they offer up to 25% discount for healthy SME clients (2-9 employees).

Vitality offers employees access to fast treatment, quality specialists and rewards. Just like the individual Vitality health insurance policy, employees will be rewarded for their healthy lifestyles; this includes discounted gym membership, a digital GP service which can be accessed via a mobile device and a points reward system that can be synced with popular tracking devices such as iWatches or FitBits.

How THIS can help you find the perfect policy

Here at The Health Insurance Specialists, we’re passionate about finding our customers the perfect health insurance policy, for the best price. Many people ask ‘Why use a broker instead of going direct to a provider?’ – in addition to us searching the whole of the market in to find you the best cover, which saves you time and stress, we review your policy annually – helping you save money where possible.

We hold great relationships with all of our providers, which allows us to find you the best deal possible. Please visit our about us page to learn more. Alternatively, contact us to find your perfect health insurance policy today.

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