Why have my health insurance premiums increased?

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Here at The Health Insurance Specialists, we provide a free health insurance policy comparison service. We’ll compare your current health insurance cover, or renewal quote, with the rest of the UK market to see if we can find you a better deal – for free.

Often we get asked – “Why have my health insurance premiums increased this year?”

To help, we’ve put together this guide to explain the factors which may cause a health insurance renewal quote to be higher than the previous year.

Health Insurance Renewal Quotes

Most health insurers send renewal quotes to their customers 1 month before it is due to renew automatically or expire. The cost of a health insurance policy renewal is determined using several factors – some of which can cause the cost of a policy to increase.

Making a Claim

If you have made a claim, in the previous year – this will likely increase the cost of your premiums when you renew. Making a claim can mean you have a new medical condition which results in your annual premiums increasing.


As we age, it is more likely that we may be required to make a health insurance claim. This means as we get older – health insurance premiums may increase, to take this increased risk into account.

New Medical Treatments & Services

Private health insurance often provides policyholders with access to new or expensive medical treatments, which may not be offered via the NHS. In addition to specific treatments, new services – such as online GP consultations – may result in the cost of cover increasing.


General inflation increases the cost of everything, from the price of milk to the cost of electricity. This can affect the cost of health insurance because it can increase the cost of the services and treatments policyholders have access to.

How can I reduce the cost of my health insurance renewal?

We advise that anyone looking to renew health insurance compares their renewal quote to quotes from other health insurance providers. Doing this will establish whether the renewal quote is competitive and whether you could find the same or more coverage, for a better price.

We provide this service for free. Our expert advisers will compare your renewal policy quote to the whole of the UK market, to establish if there is a better deal out there. We’re 100% independent, so if we think you would be better staying with your current provider – we’ll say so.

If you decide to switch to a different provider with us, we complete this process for you. Switching health insurance providers is relatively straightforward, and we’ll explain exactly what will happen before starting the process.

If you decide to stay with your current provider, we can also support you in renewing your policy – or changing your policy so it is better suited to your personal and medical needs.

Health Insurance Renewal Review

To discuss your renewal quote or request that we compare your policy to the rest of the UK marketplace, contact us or fill in our compare my policy form.

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